Dozens of directional shields for different diameters

Laser or gyroscopic guide

Hydraulic or mechanical clearing system

Equipment for all types of terrain

For diameters from:

DN 600 to DN 4.000


The range of equipment owned by the company Ing. LA FALCE S.r.l. it is such as to allow it to be built, in its own field of specialization, in any type of soil (loose and crumbly, compact, rocky) with or without the presence of ground water.

For tubular structures, the company Ing. LA FALCE S.r.l., has a wide range of drilling equipment, from time to time adapted to the particular operational needs divided into the following types:

Over 6 complete groups (formed by 6 Westfalia cylinders). In addition, 24 cylinders with a stroke of 1.20 m and a diameter of 300 mm are used.

30 directional shields with a diameter between 1000 and 3600 mm, open faced for the realization of crossings and parallelisms of diameters greater than 1 meter. The excavation can be carried out with an excavator arm or bucket or with a point drill in the case of compact and / or rocky terrain. The removal of the soil takes place “dry” by means of carriages pulled by trolley and / or the electric motor.

for the realization of sub-pitch works with dry soil evacuation system.

with hydraulic soil evacuation system (slurry system), 1 of which is equipped with the possibility of making crossings by means of the reinforced concrete assembly system.

for the realization of crossings with steel pipes from 300 to 1,500 mm.

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