Our story

From 1955 leader in the No Dig field

Quality, Environment, Safety

Large fleet of machines

Highly specialized technical staff

More than 60 years of experience in the field

Founded in 1955 and first Italian company to introduce a “trenchless” technology in Italy

The company Ing. LA FALCE was founded in 1955 by Eng. Antonio La Falce who had the brilliant intuition of importing from Germany to the Italian territory a cutting-edge technology called pipe thruster and consisting in the installation of pipes with horizontal drilling and hydraulic thrust techniques, eliminating or in any case minimizing interference with structures and activities on the surface.

In 1959, after the untimely death of Eng. Antonio La Falce, lng. Pietro Medri acquired the company. Since then, the Company has developed over the years from a sole proprietorship into a capital company, and has always been managed by the Medri family.

The company was then acquired by a group that has been operating in the sector since the 90s. The company Ing. LA FALCE is the first company that has implemented “no dig” interventions on Italian territory and has been operating in this sector for 60 years, with a wealth of experience in the sector that no other company can boast.

Our Mission

The spreading of no-dig technologies so as to be able to respond to all environmental and design needs.

Our Vision

The application of no-dig technologies is fundamental for the construction of modern underground infrastructures, especially in the more developed inhabited centers, and it is consistent with the environmental impact reduction regulations and the development of smart cities.

Years of experience

Successful crossings

Our sectors

Auger Boring, Microtunnel, Open Shield, Segmentation Tunnel, Pushing of box-like products

No Dig technology

The low environmental impact technologies, alternatives to the traditional excavation ones, suitable both for the laying and for the rehabilitation of existing infrastructures, are technologies, at the same time, cheaper, equally reliable and less invasive especially in terms of social distress and degradation of the road pavement.

low environmental impact

It is all the more evident when social and environmental costs are also taken into account in the overall cost assessment. In fact, not only the techniques allow you to save in terms of construction costs, but also involve the use of costs from activities that are not compatible with the environment to eco-compatible activities.

suitable for aquifer

One of the potential of Microtunnelling is undoubtedly that of being able to operate under the water table, this is because the pressure deriving from the hydraulic head is balanced with the EPB “Earth Pressure Balance” method.

First Italian company to have built rail and road crossings with box-shaped objects of imposing dimensions and with innovative track support systems

First company in Italy to have done a river crossing (Po river 1978/1979)

The first company in Italy to introduce innovative technologies (compressed air, full-section EPB cutters) in the 1980s for creating underpass crossings

First Italian company to have built a single section crossing of over 900 m in length (year 1995)

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